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5 Gallons, extract with grains
OG=1.062   FG=1.008  Bitterness=46IBUs
7.5# Light extract syrup
.5# Crystal malt (20 Lovibond)
.5# Aromatic or dark Munich malt
All Centennial to be 9.9%AA
7.5 AAUs Centennial hops
5 AAUs Centennial hops
15 AAUs Centennial hops
9.9 AAUs Centennial hops
1tsp. Irish moss
White Labs California ale yeast
Step by step
Steep specialty grains in 3 gallons of water at 150 degrees for 45 minutes.
Remove grains, add light extract syrup. 
Bring to a boil for 30 minutes, then add 0.75 oz. of Centennial. 
Boil 40 minutes and add 0.50 oz. of Centennial.  Boil for 5 minutes. 
Cool to 70 degrees, transfer to fermenting vessel with yeast.  Ferment at 68 degrees until complete (7-10 days).  
Transfer to secondary with 1 oz. of Centennial.  Hold one week, rack into bottles or keg with corn sugar.  Age for a few weeks.
     All-grain option:  Omit extract syrup and mash 8.5# pale malt with specialty grain in 13.5 quarts of water to get a single infusion mash temp. of 152 degrees for 45 minutes. 
Sparge with water (170 degrees or more), to get 5.5 gallons or wort.  Bring to boil and use above hopping and fermentation schedule.